Timeline: Sheridan trial week three

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Former Scottish Socialist Party leader Tommy Sheridan, 46, is on trial accused of perjury.

His wife Gail, 46, also faced perjury charges which have now been dropped.

It is claimed Mr Sheridan lied in court so that he could successfully sue the News of the World in 2006.

The former MSP won £200,000 in damages after the newspaper printed allegations about his private life, claiming that he was an adulterer who had visited a swingers club.

Following a police investigation, Mr Sheridan was charged with perjury. He denies the allegations.

Here, is a summary of the third week of evidence


Former MSP Tommy Sheridan has accused an ex-colleague of "fantasy and smear" during his perjury trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

Mr Sheridan, who is defending himself, made the claim while continuing to cross-examine Rosie Kane, also a former Scottish Socialist Party MSP.

The trial had previously heard from several of Mr Sheridan's former SSP colleagues, who have said they witnessed him admitting to attending a swingers club.

During cross-examination Mr Sheridan accused Ms Kane of "making up" stories about an alleged affair between himself and another party member in Aberdeen.


Tommy Sheridan had three-in-a-bed sex with a married member of the Scottish Socialist Party and his brother-in-law, a court has heard.

Katrine Trolle, 36, also told the High Court in Glasgow that she had sex with Mr Sheridan at his family home while his wife attended a Christmas party.

The indictment against Mr Sheridan contains the charge that he had lied during his defamation case about having sexual relations with Ms Trolle.

Ms Trolle, who is originally from Denmark but moved to Scotland in 1996, told the trial she had slept with Mr Sheridan on numerous occasions - including at Glasgow City Chambers and at Cupid's swingers club in Manchester.


Tommy Sheridan has accused a former colleague who claimed she had a sexual relationship with him of being a "conscious liar".

Katrine Trolle has told the perjury trial that the former MSP had sexual encounters with her, including group sex at a swingers' club in Manchester.

Mr Sheridan, who is representing himself, accused the former party member of "co-operating" with the News of the World before the 2006 libel action.

He also asked her if she had been "coached" by the police before she gave evidence.

Ms Trolle said she had been visited by police, a representative of the procurator fiscal and the News of the World's lawyers, but said she had not been told what to say.


A plot to "bring down" former Scottish Socialist Party leader Tommy Sheridan "existed mostly in his mind", a court has been told.

The claim was made by ex-colleague Katrine Trolle under questioning from Mr Sheridan who is conducting his own defence at the High Court in Glasgow.

The 36-year-old, who has travelled from Denmark to give evidence at the trial, said she had told police that Mr Sheridan had telephoned her and said party members were "out to get him".

She added that she was unable to remember the phone conversation with him despite reporting it.

Of the alleged claims of an SSP plot mentioned in the phone call, she told Mr Sheridan: "I think it was mostly in your mind."


Tommy Sheridan was not at a festival in Glasgow organised by the Scottish Socialist Party on the day it is alleged he was at a swingers club in Manchester, a court has heard.

Ex-Scottish Socialist Party treasurer Allison Kane said Mr Sheridan did not attend the event on 27 September 2002.

A previous witness, Katrine Trolle, had told the court Mr Sheridan was in Cupid's club on that date.

Ms Kane told the High Court in Glasgow that she had organised the Scottish Socialist Party's People's Festival in venues across Glasgow to raise money for the party and showcase the cultural side of the SSP.

She said she expected Mr Sheridan to attend because he was "one of my staunchest supporters within the party".