Timeline: Sheridan trial week 10



Former Scottish Socialist Party leader Tommy Sheridan, 46, is on trial accused of perjury.

His wife Gail, 46, also faced perjury charges which have now been dropped.

It is claimed Mr Sheridan lied in court so that he could successfully sue the News of the World in 2006.

The former MSP won £200,000 in damages after the newspaper printed allegations about his private life, claiming that he was an adulterer who had visited a swingers club.

Following a police investigation, Mr Sheridan was charged with perjury. He denies the allegations.

Here, is a summary of the tenth week of evidence.

7 Dececember

The Tommy Sheridan perjury trial was halted as freezing conditions continue to grip most parts of Scotland.

The trial did not sit on Monday as the judge was ill and Tommy and Gail Sheridan could not make it to court.

Lord Bracadale called a halt again on Tuesday after a number of jurors were unable to attend.

DAY 35 (8 Dec)

The Tommy Sheridan perjury trial has heard the former MSP did not admit visiting a sex club at a Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) special meeting.

Rosemary Byrne, 62, told the High Court in Glasgow that said Mr Sheridan said the allegations were "untrue" at an SSP executive meeting in November 2004.

She also said the gathering turned into almost a "kangaroo court" once he left.

Mrs Byrne, a retired teacher, told the court that she was asked to attend the gathering by party colleague Alan McCombes to discuss allegations surrounding Mr Sheridan, adding: "I think he said they were of a sexual nature."

Asked by Mr Sheridan, who is representing himself, what happened at the meeting, she said: "You denied that you had attended a sex club, you said that the allegations that had been floating around were untrue.

DAY 36 (9 Dec)

The Sheridan perjury trial has heard a second witness claim the former MSP denied visiting a sex club during a Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) meeting.

Former party member, Pat Smith, told the High Court in Glasgow that she was "absolutely clear" she had heard the denial at the meeting in November 2004.

The former drama teacher said she was sitting next to the MSP at the time.

Mr Sheridan then called Andy Coulson, who was editor of the News of the World between 2003 and 2007 and is now Prime Minister David Cameron's director of communications.

He said he believed a tape bought by the newspaper for £200,000 - which allegedly shows Mr Sheridan admit to visiting a sex club - was genuine.

Mr Coulson also denied printing lies and being a bully during his time as editor.

DAY 37 (10 Dec)

Mr Coulson's evidence is continuing. He told the perjury trial he did not take a pay-off from the News of the World to keep quiet about a phone hacking storm.

The former editor said he had no knowledge of such activities and no interest in destroying Tommy Sheridan.

Mr Sheridan asked him: "Are you the kind of editor who would ensure the stories were watertight or were you slapdash?"

Mr Coulson replied: "I would not describe myself as slapdash, it is impossible to go into every story in detail, I trust my staff."