Easterhouse knife killer jailed for at least 19 years

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Robert Gemmell died after being stabbed through the neck by Burnett

A murderer who stabbed a man through the neck after being told to leave a flat has been jailed for life.

Marc Burnett, 20, was convicted of killing 21-year-old Robert Gemmell by stabbing him though the neck at the flat in Easterhouse, Glasgow, in April.

The High Court in Glasgow was told Burnett was seen laughing and joking at a local shop the day after the murder.

Temporary judge Rita Rae QC ordered him to serve a minimum of 19 years in jail before being eligible for parole.

Burnett's trial heard how on the day of the murder he had drunk about 20 pints.

He went to visit his mother armed with two knives, which he said were for protection.

As he walked towards her home, he met two girls who asked him to accompany them to the Duntarvie Road flat.

However, when they arrived at the door, they were asked to leave.

Instead of going, Burnett pulled out his knives and attacked Mr Gemmell.

Mother-of-four Tracey Potter, who lived at the flat, told the trial she saw Mr Gemmell, who was her daughter's boyfriend, get stabbed in the neck by Burnett.

Pathologist Marjorie Black said the stab wound suffered by Mr Gemmell went from one side of the neck to the other and cut the carotid artery.

Dr Black said the cause of death was massive blood loss from the single stab wound.

The court also heard how, hours after the murder, Burnett had calmly discussed football scores with his father.

Jailing him, temporary judge Rita Rae QC said: "In all my years experience I have rarely seen such a cavalier attitude to a killing.

"This is yet another example which is all too common in Glasgow of a young man fuelled by excessive alcohol who went into the public streets with, not only one knife, but with two very large kitchen type knives on his person."

She added: "At the present time, you are a dangerous and callous young man."

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