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Jealous man jailed over 'smother attack' in Coatbridge

image captionWilson pleaded guilty to assault to danger of life
A man who tried to smother his former girlfriend at her North Lanarkshire home after she dumped him by text message has been jailed for 30 months.
The High Court in Edinburgh heard how Derek Wilson used keys Lorraine Dailly had given him earlier to enter her home in Coatbridge in October last year.
The 42-year-old then tried to suffocate her with a cushion as she slept.
He pleaded guilty to a charge of assault to danger of life after he was originally accused of attempted murder.
An earlier hearing heard how Wilson, from Bellshill, and 41-year-old Ms Dailly became engaged in March last year.
Although they lived apart, Wilson had keys for her house.
The court heard how he became "suspicious" and "moody" and began discussing his relationship problems with other members of Ms Dailly's family.
She felt upset and humiliated by this and sent him a text to say their affair was over.

Kitchen attack

At about 0200 GMT on 25 October last year, Ms Dailly was wakened by Wilson entering her bedroom holding a cushion.
A struggle followed after he forced the cushion over her face.
Wilson relaxed the pressure after Ms Dailly pleaded: "Please don't do this."
The couple then went into the kitchen where Wilson attacked her again, knocked her to the floor and forced a towel over her nose and mouth.
Ms Dailly escaped but was attacked again in the living room where Wilson put his hand over her mouth until she began to pass out.
She was eventually able to run into the garden and call police.
Before passing sentence, Lord Kinclaven heard that Ms Dailly said she felt pity for Wilson and that the attack was completely out of character.
The judge said although he was able to show some leniency, the court had to take into account the seriousness of the offence.