Murderer stabbed Glasgow pensioner 45 times

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Hannah Smith was found dead in her flat in Cranhill

A woman is facing life in prison for slitting a grandmother's throat and stabbing her 45 times on Christmas Day.

Amanda Nicoll, 29, admitted murdering Hannah Smith at the 63-year-old's flat in Cranhill, Glasgow, in 2009.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that Mrs Smith blamed Nicoll for the death of her daughter, Tracy Currie, from a drug overdose.

Judge Lord Turnbull deferred sentence until next month and Nicoll was remanded in custody.

The court heard that, after Tracy's death, Nicoll still occasionally visited Mrs Smith to get cash from her even though she was aware that the pensioner blamed her for her daughter's death.

Knife attack

After 1000 GMT on the night of the murder, Nicoll was visiting her dad who lived in the same tower block as Mrs Smith and decided to visit her too.

Prosecutor Iain McSporran told the court: "It is the accused's position that the deceased demanded that she leave her house after initially allowing her entry.

"She stated that the deceased repeatedly demanded that she leave her house, screaming at her that she was 'nothing but a junkie'."

The court heard that Nicoll then grabbed a knife and slit Mrs Smith's throat.

Mr McSporran added: "The accused states that the deceased continued to scream at her before falling to the floor.

"She then slit the deceased's throat for a second time and, after some prompting, accepted stabbing Hannah Smith repeatedly on the chest and throat area.

"She also claims that she 'slit' the deceased's legs.

"She said that she was angry and related this anger to the fact that Hannah Smith blamed her for her daughter's death."

The court was told that Nicoll then left the flat, leaving the pensioner lying on the floor covered in blood, and locked the door with a key she had taken.

Blood traces

Mrs Smith's grand-daughters later raised the alarm on 28 December, after there was no answer at her door.

Police gained entry to the flat and found the pensioner lying dead in her living room.

Nicoll was later arrested after one of Mrs Smith's neighbours told police that he saw Nicoll going into the flat late on Christmas Day.

Nicoll was also found to have Mrs Smith's blood on her clothing and trainers.

A post-mortem examination revealed that the pensioner had suffered a total of 45 stab wounds, the largest being slits under her throat which where the cause of death.

Mr McSporran added: "It is no exaggeration to describe the injuries as illustrative of a frenzied attack which much have continued well after the victim had been immobilised and even beyond the point at which she was clearly dead."

Nicoll, formerly of Lambhill, Glasgow, admitted murdering the pensioner at her home in Soutra Place.

She was also originally charged with stealing money and keys from Mrs Smith and attempting to defeat the ends of justice but the Crown accepted not guilty pleas to those charges.

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