Clydebank man cut boy's penis with plastic loyalty card

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Ross McBride admitted culpable and reckless conduct

A man who cut a child's genitals with a broken supermarket loyalty card in a bungled attempt to reduce swelling has been sentenced to 18 months probation.

Ross McBride, 23, from Clydebank, took the action after accidentally kicking the boy while playing with a football at a house in Glasgow in February 2008.

The toddler needed 11 stitches to repair the damage he caused but has since made a satisfactory recovery.

McBride, who is autistic, admitted using culpable and reckless conduct.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard how McBride was in a bad mood when the incident happened because his girlfriend had not bought him a Valentine's card.

He was kicking the ball hard out of frustration when he missed and caught the toddler instead.

When he noticed that the child's penis was red and swollen, McBride decided to snap a shop loyalty card and compress it around the injured area.

Police examiner

He then tried to saw at the youngster in a failed attempt to reduce the swelling.

The court heard that when the boy's mother arrived back the accused told her what had happened and she took her son to hospital.

The youngster was examined by doctors and a police child examiner and was found to have bruising, swelling and cuts to his genitals and thighs.

He was operated on and received 10 stitches to one wound and one to another but has since made a satisfactory recovery.

McBride was later charged with injuring the boy.

Defence advocate Laura Reilly told the court that her client suffers from autism which was not diagnosed until he was an adult.

Miss Reilly added that McBride has limited intelligence and suffers from emotional difficulties.

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