Karen McCoshan and Leanne Miller jailed over murder bid

Image caption, McCoshan and Miller will be supervised on their release from prison

Two women who attacked a friend, before kicking and dragging her half-naked into a Dumbarton street, have each been jailed for eight years.

Karen McCoshan, 38, and Leanne Miller, 31, were found guilty of attempting to murder 36-year-old Janet Timmons in the West Dunbartonshire town last August.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard how the two drug addicts left their victim unrecognisable due to her injuries.

The pair will be supervised for a further three years on release.

During the trial, the court heard how the woman were drinking with Ms Timmons at McCoshan's then home in the town.

'Elephant man'

Both launched a violent attack on their victim over an alleged "cheeky" remark.

They knocked Ms Timmons to the floor and began kicking and stamping.

The pair pulled out tufts of her hair then dragged her through a common close into the street.

They then kicked Ms Timmons again and stamped on her head. During the attack some of her clothes were ripped off.

A neighbour said he heard the noise and it sounded like an animal being tortured.

Ms Timmons woke up in hospital where doctors found teeth had been knocked out and her head and face were covered in cuts and bruises.

She said that just a week earlier she had been in hospital for a stomach operation but her attackers ignored her pleas not to kick her in that area.

"I ended up like the elephant man," Ms Timmons told the court.

Sentencing the pair, judge Lord Pentland told them the jury had been right to find the attack was "murderous".

"The evidence at the trial showed the attack was vicious, sustained and prolonged," he said.

Ms Timmons had done no harm to either of her attackers, said Lord Pentland. "In your case, McCoshan, she considered herself to be your friend."

Miller was sentenced to an additional three months because she was on bail at the time of the attack.

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