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Duck turns up at RSPB reserve with 27 ducklings in tow

The mallard with some of the ducklings
Image caption The duck is thought to have taken on another bird's ducklings

A duck at an RSPB reserve in Renfrewshire astounded staff and visitors when she turned up with a brood of 27 ducklings in tow.

The mallard has been spotted at the Lochwinnoch reserve's feeding station.

As the usual brood size is 10-14, it is thought another duck may have laid its eggs in her nest.

Manager Zul Bhatia said: "Normally, the female would reject any ducklings that weren't her own, but this one has seemingly decided to raise all 27."

He added: "This is no small task by any means.

"To see 27 ducklings was a bit surprising."

However, it seems that the duck has already lost a few ducklings to predators, as at the last count she only had 24.

Lochwinnoch nature reserve is one of the last remaining wetlands in the west of Scotland.

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