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Race abuse man Mark Bohonek jailed for attack

A man who stabbed a fellow party goer after being subjected to racist abuse has been jailed for three years.

Mark Bohonek, 22, admitted stabbing his 22-year-old victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, on the head and body at a flat in Clydebank in March.

The High Court in Glasgow heard how he snapped after awaking to find that a racist term had been written on his forehead and KKK written on his body.

Bohonek admitted stabbing his victim to the danger of his life.

The court heard that Bonohek, who is of mixed race, initially took remarks made against him in good humour.

When he fell asleep at the party, however, racist remarks like "White Power", "SS", "KKK" and two swastikas were draw on his body with marker pen.

'Frenzied' attack

A highly offensive racist word was also written on his forehead and he was racially abused.

Bohonek was also beaten by his tormentor and another man and told that he could not leave the flat.

It was at this point that he went into the kitchen and returned with a knife and stabbed his victim repeatedly.

Advocate depute Laura Thomson, prosecuting, told the court: "The accused ran at the complainer and stabbed him repeatedly to the neck, shoulder and back, in what was described as a 'frenzy'.

"The complainer picked up a bottle to defend himself with, but the accused continued with the attack."

The victim suffered life-threatening injuries. Both his lungs collapsed and one stab wound nicked an artery.

Judge Lady Dorrian told Bohonek: "This was clearly a serious and frenzied attack which would normally merit a sentence considerably in excess of four and a half years.

"However, in view of the provocation involved I will restrict the sentence to three years."

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