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Avalon II boat skipper fined for not keeping look-out

The captain of a fishing boat has been fined £2,000 after his vessel was spotted steaming round in circles off the Isle of Arran in July 2009.

The Avalon II was said to be going at full speed with no-one visible in the wheelhouse.

A full emergency was declared and two lifeboats and a helicopter were dispatched.

It was only after two local boats pulled alongside, that the skipper emerged to steer the vessel to safety.

The Marine and Coastguard Agency said this was a serious breach of the Collision Regulations.

The sheriff at the Sheriff Court in Kilmarnock said she did not accept the evidence given by the skipper and crew was credible and although the incident was at the minor end of the scale, it was not that minor.

Captain Kaiser Ali, area operations manager for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, said: "This was another serious breach of the Collision Regulations and once again reminds all fishermen of the need to maintain a proper look-out at all times.

"All breaches of the Collision Regulations will be investigated."

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