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Probe into 'honour killing' theory for couple's murder

Police in Pakistan are thought to be investigating whether a young couple from Glasgow were the victims of a so-called honour killing.

Saif Rehman, 31, and his wife Uzma Naurin, 30, were shot after their car was ambushed in Gujrat on 1 November.

It is understood Mr Rehman was shot dead by a group of men at the scene and his wife was driven away and killed.

The Foreign Office cannot become involved as Mr Rehman was a Pakistani national and his wife was a US citizen.

Mr Rehman had lived in Glasgow for six years and met his wife Uzma at a friend's wedding.

Car ambushed

They were married in Glasgow in February.

The couple's friend, Saif Ali, from Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, was not a witness but said he had been given an account of what happened.

He said he had been told they were returning from a shopping trip when they were killed.

"They were going back home and basically, all of a sudden, the driver just stopped the car," he said.

"Four people were in a different car which stopped in front of them.

"They pulled Saif and his sister and his wife out of the car and as soon as he was pulled out of the car they shot him without saying anything."

Mr Ali said that "no words were exchanged" between Mr Rehman and the people who shot him.

He added: "Five minutes up the road they basically killed her (Uzma Naurin) as well.

"She wasn't found until quite a bit of time later.

"Probably about three or four hours later she was found as they had basically put her in the shrubs somewhere, just on the side of the road."