Saif and Uzma Rehman murders treated as 'honour killing'

image captionPakistani police are investigating the deaths of Uzma Naurin and Saif Rehman

Police in Pakistan have confirmed they are treating the murder of a couple from Glasgow as an honour killing.

Saif Rehman, 31, and his wife Uzma Naurin, 30, were shot after their car was ambushed in Gujrat on 1 November.

It is understood Mr Rehman was shot dead by a group of men at the scene and his wife was driven away and killed.

Pakistan police said Uzma's father, Musafar Hussain, went to his home in the US after the murder and they may seek to extradite him.

Mr Rehman had lived in Glasgow for six years and met his wife Uzma at a friend's wedding.

They were married in Glasgow in February.

The Foreign Office cannot become involved in the murder as Mr Rehman was a Pakistani national and his wife was a US citizen.

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