Oban fireworks rerun after 50-second fiasco


The town of Oban has been given to a second "high-impact" fireworks display after its first attempt lasted less than a minute.

Footage of the "fiasco" at the start of November has logged hundreds of thousands of views online.

The company behind the display said a technical glitch saw all £6,000 worth of fireworks go off at once, cutting a 20-minute show to 50 seconds.

It organised a free five-minute show in the town for Sunday night.

Pyro1, which performed the display, said the "Obang" event was a homage to the Argyll and Bute town and to the original short-lived display.

'Dramatic display'

The company's Martin Allen said: "We were obviously devastated when our carefully planned display for Oban quite literally went off with a bang and immediately held our hands up.

"However we've also been absolutely astounded by the way the display took the world by storm as well as been amazed by the positive response that the 50-second display received.

"Our new show, the Obang display, is a homage to Oban and has been introduced as a result of this new demand for a short, high-impact, dramatic display."

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