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Stockholm explosion trial shown photographs of dead man

Stockholm explosion
Image caption The explosion happened in Stockholm in December 2010

The trial of a man charged with offences over an explosion in Stockholm has been shown pictures of a dead man with wires and a bag strap round him.

They were shown as Det Insp Rodger Skoglund was giving evidence at the High Court in Glasgow, where Nasserdine Menni is on trial.

Mr Menni denies acting with Taimour Abdaly, who is now dead, to plan the explosion in Sweden in December 2010.

He also denies transferring money, knowing it would be used for terrorism.

Det Insp Skoglund was giving evidence for a second day.

'Broken jacket'

The Swedish police technical investigator was called to the explosion in Stockholm's busy city centre on 11 December 2010.

He was shown pictures which had been included in a report he compiled after attending the scene, including images of a dead man lying in the street.

Det Insp Skoglund described the man as "giving the impression of having a foreign appearance".

He said the dead man wore a shawl or scarf around his neck and had a "broken" quilted jacket on.

The jury were also told that the man's trousers were undone and he was wearing dark trousers and a number of white tops.

Advocate depute Andrew Miller, prosecuting, asked the witness: "Did you record certain observations about the man's clothing?"

Det Insp Skoglund said: "Over the outer-most top that the man was wearing there was a black strap.

"The strap was on the upper part of the man's chest region and appeared to continue round the body towards the back."

He went on to say that the jacket the man was wearing was damaged and that the outer lining was "destroyed", showing the inner lining and insulation.

The officer added: "From the jacket's destroyed sides and arms there were some some electric wires sticking out on both sides of the body."

'Metal hooks'

The court heard there was wires at the man's shoulder and armpit.

It was also said that there was a black bag strap around the man's neck, and at the ends of the straps were "small metal hooks".

The witness said they were "covered in the remains of black tape".

Det Insp Skoglund was asked: "Were you personally involved in taking possession of any items which were on the ground or anywhere in the area during your presence there?" He answered: "Only an ID card."

He added that he was aware that a backpack had been taken.

Mr Menni is alleged to have been part of a terrorist conspiracy in connection with an explosion in Stockholm.

He is alleged to have acted with Taimour Abdulwahab, who died in the Swedish capital in December 2010.

Mr Menni is accused of acting with him to further terrorist aims by criminal and other means including the use of explosive devices.

This offence is alleged to have been committed between 1 January 2003 and 8 March 2011 at addresses in Glasgow, England, Sweden, Syria and Iraq.

The trial, before judge Lord Matthews will resume on Tuesday next week.

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