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Probe after deer killed by illegal snare in Motherwell

Deer skeleton
Image caption The remains of the deer were discovered at the former Ravenscraig steel works site

An investigation has begun after the remains of a deer, which had been caught in an illegal homemade snare, were found in Motherwell.

The animal was discovered by Strathclyde Police and the Scottish SPCA on 29 May at the former Ravenscraig steel works site.

Only the deer's skeleton remained, suggesting it had been caught in the snare some time ago.

The Scottish SPCA said the incident highlighted the need for a snare ban.

Chf Supt Mike Flynn said: "This poor deer would have suffered a horrendous death as a result of being caught in this homemade and illegal snare.

"Thick wire had been attached to a tree with a loop on the end which was positioned at the deer's head height.

"The deer would have walked straight into it, becoming instantly trapped, and the wire would have choked it to death.

"It could have been caught a number of weeks ago but we can't be sure as only the skeleton remains."

The charity has advised pet owners and dog walkers in the area to be vigilant.

Mr Flynn added: "It is not at all uncommon for domestic animals, as well as wildlife, to be caught in snares, which are indiscriminate and cruel.

"While snaring continues, suffering will continue. That's why the Scottish SPCA is in favour of an outright ban."

Anyone with information about the snare is urged to contact the Scottish SPCA Animal Helpline on 03000 999 999 or Strathclyde Police on 0141 532 2000.

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