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William Cameron jailed for killing his father Alexander

A man who killed his father during a row over how his mother was treated has been jailed for seven years.

William Cameron, 27, struck 51-year-old Alexander Cameron 19 times with broken bottles during a drunken argument at a house in Paisley in August last year.

The High Court in Glasgow heard Mr Cameron suffered a fatal heart attack during the incident.

Cameron was originally charged with murder but admitted the culpable homicide of his father.

Prosecutor Jonathan Brodie QC told the court that Mr Cameron Sr suffered poor health, had a heart condition, and walked with the aid of a stick.

Hit repeatedly

He said: "The father and son had been drinking and an argument developed. The accused hit his father with a bottle which then broke."

The court heard that Cameron then smashed the bottle into his father's head and neck repeatedly.

He then left his dead father lying in the living room of the Paisley house with shards of glass around him.

Mr Brodie said that Cameron changed out of his bloodstained clothes and went to visit a friends and told then: "I think I have just killed my father."

When interviewed by police he claimed that his father was still alive when he last saw him.

Mr Brodie said: "The primary cause of death was Mr Cameron's death was heart disease. His heart condition was such that he could have died at any time while walking in the street or even lying in bed."

The court was told that Cameron's mother and father had been estranged for many years.

Temporary judge Sean Murphy QC told Cameron: "You carried out a savage attack on your own father.

"It is clear you inflicted no fewer that 19 injuries to his head and neck with two broken bottles.

"There were some defensive injuries that showed your father tried to defend himself. The attack was a sustained one and triggered a fatal heart attack."

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