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John Hendry and William Graham jailed over Urban Outfitters break-in

Two men have been jailed for attempting to steal about £20,000 worth of clothes from Glasgow's Urban Outfitters shop.

John Hendry, 36, and William Graham, 33, admitted breaking into the shop in Buchanan Street on 28 April.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard both men, who were drunk, did not initially notice when police arrived. They then tried to run off but were caught.

Hendry was jailed for 18 months for his part in the crime and Graham - who was on bail at the time - for 20 months.

The court heard that after locking the building and patrolling the shop, the security guard heard a window smash and footsteps about 05:00.

Drinking heavily

He contacted police and officers later found Hendry and Graham on the first floor of the shop filling bags full of clothing.

Both men appeared oblivious to the presence of the police but as soon as they realised the officers were there, they tried to run down the fire escape at the rear of the shop before being caught.

No stock was taken from the shop but the agreed value of what was in their bags was £20,000.

The court was told the men only met each other that day and had both been drinking heavily.

It was also said that it was "opportunistic" when they saw scaffolding outside the shop and it had not been planned.