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Water warning in Woodilee estate in East Dunbartonshire

Scottish Water is advising some customers in East Dunbartonshire not to drink or cook with tap water due to a "quality issue".

The warning applies to people living in the Woodilee estate in Kirkintilloch.

The "precautionary measure" follows some complaints about the taste, odour and appearance of water in the area.

Water supplies were initially shut down before being restored on Thursday morning. The warning is likely to remain in place until Friday.

The affected properties are in: Cramond Drive, The Archies View, Salt Marsh Drive, Cotton Grass Court, Fox Glove Gardens, Cloud Berry Place, Bothlin Court, Rutherford Drive, Rutherford Road, Carriesbrook Avenue, Robb Terrace, Lapwing Avenue and Blairhill Avenue.

Bottles water

Customers should not use their water for drinking, cleaning teeth, preparing babies' feeds and disinfecting equipment, preparing food, pet food and drink or washing open wounds.

Despite initial concerns, Scottish Water said bathing and washing were now safe, and the water could also be used for washing clothes and dishes as well as flushing toilets.

The utility said when washing dishes, the water should be hot and the dishes dried thoroughly.

Bottled water is being delivered to affected households with extra supplies available at Salt Marsh Drive, Cotton Grass Court, The Archies View, Lapwing Avenue, Blairhill Avenue, Robb Terrace, Bothlin Court and Rutherford Drive.

Scottish Water said the advice had been issued after officials liaised with the consultant in public health medicine at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

It said water samples from the area had been taken for analysis and apologised for the inconvenience to customers.

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