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Paul Hadden guilty of killing love rival Iain O'Brien

Iain O'Brien
Image caption Mr O'Brien suffered 21 stab wounds, two of which were to his heart

A man who killed his partner's ex-boyfriend after he broke into her home while they were having sex has been convicted of culpable homicide.

Paul Hadden, 32, from Airdrie, stabbed Iain O'Brien 21 times after the 39-year-old smashed his way into Lynn McMillan's home with a baseball bat.

The incident took place in January at Ms McMillan's home in Coatbridge.

Sentence on Hadden, who was originally charged with murder, was deferred at the High Court in Glasgow.

During the trial, the court heard how Hadden and Ms McMillan were in a relationship for three and a half years before they split up on 5 November 2011.

She began seeing Mr O'Brien, who was her childhood sweetheart, at the end of November last year.

Ms McMillan said she split with him on 29 January, claiming he was violent and aggressive when drunk.

Phone threats

The court heard that Ms McMillan and Hadden still had feelings for each other and got back together the following day.

Mr O'Brien refused to accept the break-up and bombarded Ms McMillan with phone calls and text messages on 31 January.

She contacted police who attended her home and heard the last threat made by Mr O'Brien in which he insulted her and said: "I'm going to get you."

When officers left, Hadden and Ms McMillan believed that they were on their way to arrest Mr O'Brien.

A short time later, while they had sex in the kitchen, the 39-year-old used a baseball bat to smash his way into Ms McMillan's house.

During the ensuing struggle, Hadden grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Mr O'Brien 21 times. Two of the wounds to his heart were fatal.

Hadden claimed, in evidence, that he was acting in self-defence, saying Mr O'Brien was swinging the bat wildly at him and he had to protect himself.

The jury heard, however, that he had only suffered minor injuries.

Pathologist Dr Marjorie Turner revealed that Mr O'Brien suffered 21 stab wounds to his left hand side. He also had 37 other injuries on his body.

Neighbours heard Hadden say of Mr O'Brien, who was lying fatally injured: "Is he still pulsing."

Majority verdict

Hadden then added: "I'll get 10 years for attempted murder."

After three hours of deliberation, the jury convicted Hadden, by a majority, of culpable homicide.

It later emerged that Hadden has previous court convictions for drugs and assault to severe injury.

Lord Burns deferred sentence on Hadden until next month and told him: "I propose to get a social inquiry report and a risk assessment before sentencing you."

Originally Hadden was charged with murdering Mr O'Brien, but during the trial the Crown replaced it with the lesser charge of culpable homicide.

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