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George Cameron, 68, jailed for raping four-year-old boy

A 68-year-old sex offender who raped a four-year-old boy then claimed the child asked him to do it has been given a lifelong restriction order.

George Cameron raped the boy at his flat in Glasgow in March after befriending the child and his mother.

He was caught after the boy told his mother what had happened.

At the High Court in Edinburgh, Cameron, who has two other convictions for sex offences against young boys, was jailed for a minimum of four years.

Judge Pentland told him that it was likely that the parole board would probably consider him a threat to public safety at the end of his four year minimum term - and keep him in jail for the rest of his life.

'Minimum period'

Lord Pentland said: "This is the minimum period which you must serve before the parole board can, in the future, even consider your case.

"I wish to stress that this is a minimum period and it should not be thought by you or anyone that it in any sense reflects my view of when you should be released - in the circumstances of the present case it most certainly does not do so."

Cameron admitted raping the child during a previous hearing at the High Court in Glasgow.

The court was told that Cameron had been a neighbour of the child and his mother.

They first met him when he came to their door with a bag of toys.

Cameron gained the mother's trust by doing various errands for her and taking her shopping in his car.

He also bought toys for the child and let him watch DVDs. The court heard that the boy started to call him Papa George.

'He asked me'

On 17 March, Cameron took the mother's broken vacuum to his house to try and repair it and the boy went along to help.

About 15 minutes later Cameron brought the boy back and then left. He had given him a chocolate biscuit, a packet of Smarties and a yoghurt.

The mother realised from the boy's demeanour that something was wrong, and he eventually told her that Cameron had sexually abused him.

When Cameron was interviewed by police he initially denied raping the boy. He eventually confessed, but said: "He asked me to."

He was asked if he had ever done anything like that before with the boy and said: "No, he just thought it was like a kind of fun thing."

Cameron was asked if he thought it was fun and replied: "It's a spur of the moment."

The court was told that Cameron was jailed for five years in 1994 for previous sexual offences.

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