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Cameron Paterson jailed for Grace May car-jacking at Silverburn Shopping Centre

A man who threatened to stab a 73-year-old woman in the neck with a syringe during a car-jacking and robbery in Glasgow has been jailed for five years.

Cameron Paterson, 34, admitted jumping into Grace May's car after she left Silverburn Shopping Centre in May.

He threatened her with a syringe and knife before forcing her to drive to a cash machine and withdraw £200.

At the High Court in Glasgow, Paterson was also told he will be monitored for six years after his release from jail.

Judge Lord Burns branded Paterson a "significant risk to the public".

'Confidence undermined'

He said: "You have pled guilty to the abduction and robbery of a 73-year-old woman by entering her car while she was shopping, seizing and threatening her with violence including threats involving a needle and a knife.

"You also took money and a mobile phone from her.

"The impact on this lady has, both physically and psychologically, been profound.

"It has undermined her confidence and has had an effect on the way she lives her life that will be with her for some time, if not for the rest of her life.

Lord Burns said that if not for his early guilty plea, he would have jailed Paterson for seven-and-a-half years.

An earlier hearing at the High Court in Glasgow was told that Mrs May had gone to the Silverburn Shopping Centre on 30 May and returned to her car at about 18:00.

She was in the driver's seat when Paterson got in and yelled: "Drive, drive".

The pensioner - who works as a carer - tried to push him out, but he managed to close the door.

Prosecutor Stephen O'Rourke told the court: "He threatened that if she did not drive, he would stick a needle into her neck.

"He also stated that he had a knife inside the bag he was carrying."

Mrs May believed she was going to be hurt and agreed to Paterson's demands.

'No tricks'

He told her to stop at a nearby business park and asked her for money. The pensioner gave him £20 and also offered him her mobile phone.

The handset was old and Paterson claimed it was "useless".

He then made her stop at a cash machine in Boydstone Road, Thornliebank, and he joined her at the ATM.

Mr O'Rourke said: "There were people waiting there and the accused instructed Mrs May to wait until they had gone and continually repeated: 'No tricks.'

"She was, by this time, paralysed with fear and did not shout out or attempt to attract attention."

Mrs May withdrew £200 and gave it to Paterson, who then left his victim and went into a nearby off-sales to spend some of the cash.

Previous offences

Mrs May managed to drive to her work and told a colleague what happened before police were called.

The court heard a worker at the off-sales recognised Paterson as a regular customer.

When he returned to the same store the day after the abduction, police were alerted and he was detained.

Paterson had been given an alternative to prison - a community payback order - just a month before the attack on Mrs May.

He had previously been jailed at the High Court in 1998 for assault and robbery.

Paterson was also locked up for house-breaking in June 2010 and has further convictions for violence, car thefts and disorder.

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