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Transport police warning after railway detonators theft

Railway detonator
Image caption BTP fear the detonators may be misused on bonfire night

British Transport Police (BTP) have issued a warning to the public after 30 railway detonators were stolen from Holytown station in North Lanarkshire.

The theft occurred between 23:30 on Wednesday and 21:00 on Thursday.

BTP said the devices, which rail staff use as a warning signal, could be "extremely dangerous" in "the wrong hands" - especially on bonfire night.

In August, a 15-year-old boy from Essex lost the sight in his right eye after throwing detonators on to a fire.

Det Sgt Nicola Phillips of BTP said: "In the wrong hands these devices will be extremely dangerous.

"With bonfire night so close I am concerned that someone might put the detonators in a fire, and the consequences of such a stupid action do not bear thinking about."

Anyone with information about the stolen detonators is asked to contact BTP immediately.

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