Danielle Fowler and Mark Scobbie jailed for Robert Glen murder bid

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A man and woman have been jailed for a total of 21 years for the attempted murder of a vulnerable man in Glasgow.

Danielle Fowler, 28, and 22-year-old Mark Scobbie carried out the unprovoked attack on Robert Glen, 42, at Fowler's flat in Lambhill in June last year.

Their victim was found in the close and would have died from a blood clot on his brain without medical attention.

At the High Court in Glasgow, Fowler was jailed for 11 years and Scobbie was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Judge Rita Rae QC branded the attack "appalling" and "prolonged".

'Bleeding heavily'

She told the pair: "For some reason the both of you decided to use him as a punch bag in that you beat him senseless with punches, kicks and weapons.

"You left him unconscious, injured and bleeding heavily."

Fowler and Scobbie were both convicted of attempted murder after a trial.

The court was told that Fowler and Scobbie took a "grossly excessive intake of alcohol".

The pair later attacked Mr Glen and battered him until he was unconscious.

The victim was then dragged out the blood-splattered property, causing his head to hit steps.

Blood cleaned

He was was dumped at the bottom of the stairs, while Fowler and Scobbie returned to drink at the flat.

The jury heard the pair tried to clean up the blood and covered a neighbour's spy-hole to hide what they were doing.

A badly injured Mr Glen was later discovered by a resident. He was taken to hospital where he was found to have a large blood clot in his brain, which would have been fatal had it not been treated in time.

Mr Glen told the trial that he could not recall how he came about his injuries.

The court was told the accused were eventually arrested by police - and Fowler falsely accused Mr Glen of raping her.

It later emerged that Scobbie, from Falkirk, had been released from prison just a day before the attack.

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