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Convicted killer Barry Pollock jailed for abusing women

A convicted killer has been jailed for five years for physically abusing two former girlfriends.

Barry Pollock, 40, was found guilty of eight assaults charges against Mary Ann Hughes, 40, and Stacey McCombe, 34, at addresses in Glasgow.

At the High Court in Dumbarton, he was ordered to be supervised for a further two years on his release.

Pollock was jailed for five years in 2002 for culpable homicide and in 1992 for assault.

He also has a string of other violence convictions.

Throttling attack

Pollock's trial at the High Court in Glasgow heard how he began attacking Ms Hughes in the summer of 2007 at their home in Glasgow's Yoker area after she found him lying asleep face down in a hot pizza.

Pollock responded to her attempts to help him by punching her in the face.

Later that year, Ms Hughes had to be treated in hospital for a hand injury after Pollock pushed her.

In July 2008 Pollock tried to throttle her, pulling so hard on a cord around her neck that it snapped.

Ms Hughes told the court: "He was also punching me very hard - I can't recall how many times. The blows to the back of the head knocked me clean out."

Later that month, Pollock battered her so hard with an iron that it broke.

Recalling the unprovoked assault, she said: "Barry had been using the iron for his clothes.

"There had been no argument - but then he hit me on the back with it. The iron ended up broken - the metal plate was hanging loose."

Pollock's final attack on Ms Hughes was in April 2010, shortly after she had given birth.

The victim said she was in bed asleep at the time when Pollock dragged her by the ankles.

Death fears

Sobbing in court, Ms Hughes told the jury: "He gave me the kicking of my life. I knew I was being attacked when I hit the floor."

Prosecutor Lisa Gillespie asked Miss Hughes how she felt that night and she replied: "I thought that was it - I thought I was dead."

Ms Hughes eventually escaped to her mother's home before later splitting from Pollock, who went on to have a relationship with Ms McCombe.

She too was attacked and told the court how she suffered a black eye and split lip in one attack.

Ms McCombe told the jury how Pollock would call her names - and he later wrapped a cable from a set of hair strengtheners around her neck.

Pollock had initially faced an allegation of attempting to murder Ms Hughes in connection with the first July 2008 incident.

But the jury instead found him guilty of the reduced charge of assault to injury.

He was convicted of four other assault charges against Ms Hughes - with two more not proven, including a threat to shoot her.

Pollock was finally convicted of three attacks on Ms McCombe.

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