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Cocaine courier Guiseppe Trimani used cornflakes box

A man who was caught with £160,000 worth of cocaine hidden in a cornflakes box has been jailed for four years.

Plain clothes police stopped 58-year-old Guiseppe Trimani on Tinto Road, in the Hillpark area in Glasgow's south side, on 5 September last year.

The Class A drug was stashed inside the cereal box and the Italian national had another two bags of a cutting agent.

Trimani, from Thornliebank, Glasgow, admitted being concerned in the supply of cocaine.

Jailing him at the High Court in Edinburgh, judge Lord Boyd told Trimani: "It is clear to me that the role that you played was more than that of simply a courier.

Confidential information

"I am told you got into this by accumulating a debt of some £7,000."

Lord Boyd told Trimani that he would have faced a five-year prison sentence but for his guilty plea.

The court heard that police stopped Trimani after receiving confidential information that he was in possession of a large quantity of drugs.

When officers stopped him in Tinto Road, they looked inside a shopping bag and saw Trimani had two blocks of cocaine stashed inside the cereal box.

He also had another two bags of a cutting agent used as an adulterant for high purity cocaine like that seized, which was found to be 63% pure.

Home search

Trimani, who has lived in the UK for some time, was taken to a police station where he was found to have £2,550 in bank notes.

A search was also carried out at his home, where a bowl with traces of cocaine was found, along with two pairs of plastic gloves and a set of digital scales which were also contaminated with powder.

The court was told that the cocaine recovered weighed just over half a kilo.

Nearly two kilos of Benzocaine, which is used to cut the Class A drug, were also seized.

Drug experts believed that the half kilo of high purity cocaine could have produced two kilos of the drug for street sale with a maximum value of £160,000.

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