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Radio DJ Suzie McGuire's husband guilty of assaulting her

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Image caption Suzie McGuire's estranged husband Derek Mitchell has been convicted of assaulting her

The estranged husband of former DJ Suzie McGuire is facing jail after being convicted of assaulting her.

Derek Mitchell, 35, from East Kilbride, was found guilty of three assaults on the former Radio Clyde DJ between May and December 2011.

Paisley Sheriff Court heard how the 45-year-old had tried to take her own life in a bid to escape a "life of terror" at the hands of Mitchell.

Sentence on Mitchell was deferred until a later date. His bail was continued.

Mitchell, who is an accountant, was convicted of three assault charges in 2011 and of a breach of the peace in November 2009.

Broken finger

The first assault charge related to an attack in May 2011 after the Eaglesham Fair.

Mitchell drunkenly pulled his wife's wedding finger back - breaking it, in front of her terrified daughters.

The second attack happened in September 2011 at a military event that Ms McGuire was hosting.

The court heard how Mitchell grabbed his wife and pulled her away.

Former Pop Idol winner and singer Michelle McManus told the jury that she and the DJ had their pictures taken with people at the function.

She said: "I kind of stepped aside to make a phone call or send a text message myself. At that point I noticed Derek coming towards where we had been standing and he looked angry.

"He grabbed Suzie by the arm and said 'You're really embarrassing me'."

The third assault took place in December 2011, after a Cash for Kids event at the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow.

Ms McGuire and Mitchell went to 29 at Royal Exchange Square in the city centre for an after party.

The court was told that drunken Mitchell flew into a rage when his wife was cuddled by businessman Mike Ashley.

'Very nasty'

Ms McGuire told the court: "Derek lost it, really really turned very vicious and very nasty at that point. He slapped me across the face and bit me on the shoulder in front of company, in front of quite a lot of people."

She added: "Mike Ashley was standing right beside me - Derek actually tried to hit him."

Ms McGuire also told the court about an attempt to take her own life in March last year after she had been left "broken" by the abuse.

She said: "I don't recognise that person now because I would have left my children with no mum."

During her evidence she told defence lawyer Billy Lavelle: "I was actually a woman pushed to the limit.

"Beaten up, berated daily, I had nothing left to give."

She added: "I was absolutely hanging by a thread and that thread was gone."

After their relationship came to an end in July 2013, Ms McGuire went to the police and reported her ordeal.

During the trial, Mitchell had lodged a special defence of self-defence in relation to the broken finger, claiming he was trying to stop his wife attacking him, but the jury rejected this version of events.

Sheriff Susan Sinclair deferred sentence until next month and continued Mitchell's bail.

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