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Cat found almost two years after going missing

Sheen Image copyright Not specified
Image caption Sheen vanished the week before Christmas in 2012

A cat has been reunited with his owner after being missing for almost two years.

Sheen was just a kitten when he disappeared in Bothwell, South Lanarkshire, the week before Christmas in 2012.

Now, after the persistent detective work of Kirsty Adderton who found the stray on her doorstep, the "gobsmacked but thankful" owner has been traced.

Sheen was in Renfrew, more than 30 miles away from where he vanished.

His owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the BBC Scotland news website: "I was not thinking of getting a cat in the first place, but I saw one in a litter that was different - scrambling to get out - and I thought 'that is the cat for me'.

"Sheen started to be allowed out, but one day could not be found.

"I searched for about three months - lost and found sites, drove around, chapped every door.

"I feared he had been catnapped, or hit by traffic, or caught by a fox.

"I had given up. Then, randomly, I got a letter with Kirsty's number."

Image copyright Kirsty Adderton
Image caption The pet will now be a "well-pampered" house cat

Ms Adderton said: "I spotted a gorgeous black and white cat on my doorstep about four weeks ago.

"The cat was crying at my door and clearly looked unkempt. At first I did not want to feed him, just in case he had a home and was being greedy. Also my cats were chasing him away from the garden.

"One day, it was chucking with rain and I saw him sitting in my garden, trying to get cover. Feeling sorry for him, I gave him some cat biscuits.

"He then started turning up roughly about the same time every day and crying. I fed him and made some shelter for him in my garage."

She explained: "I decided to take him to my local vets. They found out he was chipped which I was delighted about.

"From the details they had taken from his chip, they told me his name was Sheen and he was a long way from home.

"They could not provide me with the owner's details because of data protection but told me they would be in touch if someone got back to them about the cat.

"Over the coming days I called the vets to see if anyone had got back in touch but they hadn't."

'Out the blue'

She added: "I then decided to take it upon myself to find his home. He was just so adorable and friendly that I was convinced someone must be missing him.

"I repeatedly posted messages on Facebook. I also checked on all the lost and found sites.

"I printed out 50 posters of him, giving my contact details to get in touch, before walking around my neighbourhood plastering them on lampposts. I even posted posters through doors.

"Looking up vets, I found there were 81 that covered the area, so I spent a day-and-a-half calling every one of them, giving them a description of the cat and his chip number to see if he was registered with them."

Ms Adderton concluded: "Finally, I got a call from this bloke out of the blue saying he had received a letter that a cat had been found and it was registered to his address.

"The numbers matched and I told him 'well, I've got your cat'. He had moved.

"He was so delighted. I am just so over the moon that he is back home safe.

"It is such a shame animals can't talk because he would have some story to tell us about his adventures over the last two years to arrive at my door."

Sheen's owner said: "I was gobsmacked, speechless - but very thankful.

"It looks like he's been roughing it.

"I cannot believe my cat of two years ago is back. I feel heartbroken for him. He will be a well-pampered house cat from now on.

"As for Kirsty's efforts, it just goes to show you there are kind people out there."

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