Spurned Simon Stuart targeted woman with pepper spray

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Simon Stuart was told by a judge that he was a "dangerous individual"

A man who discharged pepper spray in a woman's face after she spurned his advances in a night club has been jailed for six years and two months.

Simon Stuart, 30, attacked 19-year-old Jodie McKenna outside a McDonald's restaurant in Glasgow on 4 April.

At the city's high court, he admitted a string of charges, including assault and offences under the Firearms Act.

Judge Lord Turnbull told Stuart he was a "dangerous individual" that the public need protected from.

Stuart has a lengthy criminal record and was jailed for six years for assault in 2004.

'Preposterous' claim

He was on bail at the time of the pepper spray attack in connection with a breach of the peace.

Stuart's lawyer Sean Templeton said his client was sorry and told the court that Stuart claimed he had found the pepper spray before the assault.

But Lord Turnbull told Stuart: "That you simply found this item is simply preposterous and comes close to an insult to the court's intelligence.

"You possess an on-going willingness to resort to violence without provocation. You are a dangerous individual that the public requires to be protected from."

The court heard that Ms McKenna had been out with friends at Frampton's nightclub, in the Maryhill area, when she rebuffed Stuart's attempts to chat her up.

He then became abusive and threatened her by saying: "Just you wait and see what...happens outside."

Doormen were alerted to what had gone on and ordered Stuart out.

Later, Ms McKenna went to a nearby McDonald's restaurant with a friend after leaving the club.

Stuart, who by this time had changed clothes, suddenly re-appeared and approached Ms McKenna.

When she tried to ignore him he became aggravated and produced the pepper spray canister and discharged it in her face,

As Stuart fled, one of Ms McKenna's friends dragged her into the McDonald's and immediately washed her face.

The victim experienced problems with her breathing and eyesight and was treated in hospital. She suffered no lasting damage but continues to suffer from stress as a result of her ordeal.

Stuart was not traced until weeks later at his girlfriend's home after a warrant had been issued for his arrest.

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