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Jean Campbell murder: Accused denied killing dog walker

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Image caption Mrs Campbell's body was found in Cranhill Park by her husband

The man accused of murdering a dog walker in a Glasgow park told police: "It wasn't me," a court has heard.

Paul Ward, 21, made the comments while being interviewed after his arrest over the death of 53-year-old Jean Campbell in Cranhill Park on 13 December 2013.

An examination of facts hearing at the High Court in Glasgow heard that Mr Ward said: "I never touched that woman. I never made contact with that woman."

Mr Ward has been deemed unfit to stand trial on mental health grounds.

He is currently detained at the State Hospital at Carstairs.

Evidence is being heard at an examination of facts hearing, at the end of which, judge Lord Matthews, will determine if Mr Ward committed the offence.

On Thursday, Det Sgt Gordon MacKenzie told the court that he interviewed Mr Ward at Baird Street police station after his arrest on 11 July 2014.

Det Sgt MacKenzie was asked by advocate depute Alex Prentice QC, prosecuting: "Did you say 'Okay, Paul can you tell me in as much details as possible about your involvement in the murder of Jean Campbell".

No eye contact

The witness replied: "Yes and Mr Ward said 'I never touched that woman. I never made contact with that woman. That's all I'm saying.'"

Det Sgt MacKenzie was then asked what Mr Ward's demeanour was during this interview and replied: "He was slouched in his chair and and not making eye eye contact by and large."

Mr Prentice then asked what happened when Mr Ward was read a statement from Yvonne Leyden.

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Image caption Paul Ward has been deemed mentally unfit to stand trial

Mr Ward visited her home in Crowlin Crescent, Cranhill, to see her son Thomas on 13 December 2013 - the night Mrs Campbell died.

In the statement Ms Leyden gave, she said: "Jean couldn't control the dog. She would shout and scream at the dog and hit it with a lead.

"I remember Paul Ward being angry and upset at the way she treated the dog. He said 'I hate her and I hate the way she treats the dog. How would she like that if I did that to her.'"

Det Sgt MacKenzie was asked how Mr Ward reacted to this being read over to him and replied: "He was looking away with his eyes shut or partially shut.

"At the point I read this out he reacted by opening his eyes and staring at me, holding my gaze and then doing the same to my colleague."

The court heard that Mr Ward's family home in Langness Road, Cranhill, was bugged by police from March until April 2013.

During this time Mr Ward did not directly or indirectly admit having anything to do with the death of Mrs Campbell.

It was also revealed that it was not until his fourth police interview that Mr Ward said that he may have seen Mrs Campbell and her dog that night.

CCTV footage, which was broadcast of BBC's Crimewatch programme, of what may have been Mrs Campbell last walk with her do Kai, was shown.

She is seen walking along Bellrock Street at 22:30 on 13 December 2013.

The court also was shown CCTV footage of a person walking along Crowlin Crescent towards a block of flats, where the Leydens lived, at 23:05.

Mr Ward admitted being at the Leydens home that night, but said he was unsure what time he arrived, although Yvonne Leyden earlier told the court she thought it was around 23:00.

Other residents of the block have given evidence saying that they received no visitors on the night of 13 December 2013.

Mrs Campbell's body was found before 08:00 on 14 December 2013, by her husband John, a nightshift worker, who was worried when he came home to find her and their German Shepherd dog missing.

He searched where she normally walked the dog and found her body and the dog nearby.

The hearing before judge Lord Matthews continues.

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