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Man filmed sex abuse of babies

A 33-year-old man has admitted filming himself abusing two children, including one just five weeks old.

Johnathan Forshaw was held in November as police uncovered more than 21,000 indecent images of children at his home in Campbeltown in Kintyre.

They also revealed he had abused a boy who was less than a year old and a girl from when she was a month old.

Forshaw, who pleaded guilty to a string of charges including sexual assault, will be sentenced next month.

When officers raided Forshaw's home they found thousands of indecent images that had been downloaded from websites and via Skype between 2005 and 2014.

But it emerged he had also recorded footage of himself abusing children.

The court heard the young boy was molested in the summer of 2009. The little girl was repeatedly attacked between 2011 and last year.

During one incident, the girl was heard saying "don't" while Forshaw was with her.

Forshaw, who worked as a postman, also pleaded guilty to a number of voyeurism charges.

He secretly recorded three women visiting his home using the bathroom or while they were partially clothed.

Forshaw also filmed another young girl without her knowledge.

After being held for the crimes, Forshaw wrote a number of letters to his partner and his brother "apologising" for what went on.

He claimed he felt "guilty", described himself as a "sex addict" and that using cannabis had apparently affected him.

Donald MacLeod QC, defending, said Forshaw had shown "a lot of contrition" for what he had done.

Lord Turnbull deferred sentencing for reports until next month.

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