Man guilty of raping woman who was drunk and sleeping

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image captionAmir Bakhjam was found guilty by a jury at the High Court in Glasgow

A man has been found guilty of raping a woman, who was drunk, while she slept.

The High Court in Glasgow heard Amir Bakhjam, 38, met the woman and her boyfriend in Ashton Lane in Glasgow before heading to a nightclub in the city centre in July 2015.

After the woman had a row with her boyfriend she went home with Bakhjam.

He claimed they had consensual sex but she said she woke up to find him "helping himself". He was convicted of rape and will be sentenced in March.

The court heard that Bakhjam had gone with the woman and her boyfriend to Kushion Night Club in Bath Street.

'Unconscious or asleep'

She told the court she had drunk Prosecco, rum and cokes, a cocktail and shots.

The woman said: "The last thing I remember is going up to get another round of drinks at Kushion."

Bakhjam was found guilty of removing her clothing and raping her while she was heavily under the influence of alcohol, a drug or similar intoxicating substance and was unconscious or asleep and incapable of giving consent.

The court heard that in a phone call to a friend that night Bakhjam described his victim by saying: "She's steaming. She's out of it, she's a riot."

He had also faced another rape allegation at his home on 30 June 2013, but this charge was withdrawn after the alleged victim refused to give evidence.

The court heard that Bakhjam has a previous conviction for assault.

He was placed on the sex offenders register by Judge Graeme Buchanan who remanded him in custody pending background reports.

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