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Girl, 8, wins swing campaign for disabled brother

After Naomi wrote a letter, the local council installed a special needs swing Image copyright Miriam Gynne
Image caption After Naomi wrote a letter, the local council installed a special needs swing

A council has installed a special needs swing just days after an eight-year-old girl wrote to them about her disabled twin brother.

Naomi Gwynne accused South Lanarkshire Council of "forgetting" about her brother Isaac, after he was unable to use new equipment in their local park.

The council has now found and installed a suitable new seat.

The twins' mother, Miriam Gwynne, posted a picture of the swing on Twitter, thanking the council.

Image copyright Miriam Gwynne
Image caption Naomi Gwynne was disappointed her disabled brother Isaac was unable to use the swing at the park

Naomi had written to the authority after visiting the new park on Bothwell Road in Hamilton.

She wrote: "I like the new park but please could you make a disabled swing for it?

"Isaac my twin brother is too big for a baby swing but can't hold on to the bars of the grown up swings.

"His favourite thing is a swing and we are both sad. Why did you forget about him? I have drawn a swing he would like. Thank you."

Ms Gwynne tweeted: "@SouthLanCouncil than you so much! You guys are amazing!!"

She said she had been surprised and emotional after her daughter had handed her the letter.

"I was so sad that a brand new park would not be automatically inclusive and so proud of my eight-year-old for standing up for her brother," she said.

"Isaac has complex autism, is non-verbal, has global delay and learning difficulties and NF1 [disorder].

"He is also visually impaired and requires a lot of care. But to Naomi he is simply her brother who deserves to play and swing as much as anyone else."

The authority's head of facilities, waste and grounds services, Alistair McKinnon, said: "We can confirm a new seat which is suitable for Isaac has now been installed.

"We are delighted that we were able to help on this occasion and hope that Naomi and Isaac can both continue to enjoy the play area and its facilities.

"All new play areas are designed to incorporate an element of inclusive play. The overall aim is to allow children of all abilities to play together and present a range of experiences and challenges."

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