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Man admits stamping on victim's head in Lennoxtown

Crofthead Drive, Lennoxtown Image copyright Google
Image caption The attack happened in Crofthead Drive, Lennoxtown

A man has admitted stamping on another man's head until he lost consciousness, a court has heard.

Stewart Runciman, 27, admitted pursuing Andrew McKenzie and assaulting him to the danger of his life by punching and kicking him and stamping on his head in Lennoxtown on 26 March last year.

Neil Grant and Sean Brown also admitted punching and kicking the victim in the unprovoked attack in Crofthead Drive.

Gerard Watson pleaded guilty to committing a breach of the peace.

Advocate depute Allan Nicol prosecuting told the High Court in Glasgow: "Mr McKenzie speaks to Stewart Runciman having a dislike for him, but has no idea as to why that should be.

"He knows the other accused, but says that prior to the incident there was no ill-feeling between them."

Repeated kicks

The court was told that the accused were standing in Main Street, Lennoxtown, when they saw Mr McKenzie drive past on his way to visit his grandmother.

They gave chase and followed him to Lennox Road. When Mr McKenzie saw Runciman running towards his car, he drove to Crofthead Road.

The back window of his car was smashed and he crashed into a grit bin.

The side windows were then smashed. Mr McKenzie got out of the car and was knocked to the ground and repeatedly punched and kicked by Runciman, Brown and Grant.

He put his hands over his head to protect himself and felt repeated kicks to his head.

Grant and Brown stopped their attack at this point.

Mr Nicol said: "Runciman continued to assault the complainer including repeatedly stamping on his head, following which he passed out."

Bleeding in brain

Residents in Crofthead Drive spoke of hearing speeding cars, then a crash and seeing Mr McKenzie lying on the ground with Runciman stamping on his face and body.

A CT scan revealed bleeding within Mr McKenzie's brain, but he did not require surgery.

Mr Nicol said: "Whilst the injuries were significant, there was potential rather than actual danger to life."

The accused were identified from CCTV footage.

Judge John Morris QC deferred sentence on all four until May at the High Court in Edinburgh.

Runciman and Brown, both from Lennoxtown, and Grant, from Glasgow, were remanded in custody and Watson, from Bearsden, was given bail.

Solicitor advocate Liam Ewing, defending Watson, said: "In this incident Mr Watson played a minor part. The complainer tried to reverse out and struck him and he was knocked down. He had a fractured skull and fractured fingers."

Defence counsel for the other accused will make their pleas in mitigation at the next hearing.

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