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Bomb disposal team remove 'distraction device' found in Greenock

Bomb disposal experts have removed a "distraction device" discovered at a recycling centre in Greenock.

Police were called to Upper Cartsburn Street at about 11:15 on Monday and the nearby area was evacuated.

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team said the distraction device was designed to make a loud noise and was not a grenade as initially feared.

Inverclyde Council said the ordnance team had now left the area and the device had been safely removed.

A spokesman added: "A member of staff at the council recycling facility in Greenock discovered what appeared to be an explosive device while sorting materials.

"It was immediately moved to a secure location on the site and the building was evacuated as a precaution and emergency services notified.

"Photographs were sent to the army who advised that it appeared to be a distraction device designed to make a loud noise."

An Army spokeswoman said: "These items are not uncommon and the best thing to do if anyone finds anything like them, is to do exactly what happened today: leave it alone, move everyone out of the way and call the police who will liaise with the EOD people."

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