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Police officer thought colleague would die

Police uniform at scene

A police officer has described how he saved an injured colleague's life by pulling her from the path of a speeding car in Glasgow.

PC Robert Fitzsimmons, 32, told a trial he thought fellow constable Deborah Lawson was going to die.

He told the High Court in Edinburgh it was the most scared he had ever felt.

David McLean, 31, and Ryan Gilmour, 25, deny attempting to murder the two officers during the incident in Banner Drive, Drumchapel, last October.

PC Fitzsimmons told a jury that the pair had been called to a report of a man being chased by another man with a knife in the street at about 23:10 on 23 October.

Incapacitant spray

On arrival, they found a dark 4x4 or people carrier vehicle in the middle of the road with its headlights on, which moved at a "crawl" towards them before stopping.

PC Fitzsimmons said he had struggled with the driver after he refused to get out of the car.

He said he discharged his incapacitant spray into the faces of two men in the car, after being concerned the car would be driven, putting the officers "in a life-threatening situation".

He said the car began to reverse and both officers were swept backwards and dragged to the ground.

"It was the most scared I've ever been in my life," he said.

"PC Lawson's screams will live with me for the rest of my life.

"I thought she was going to die and I couldn't prevent it."

He said at that point PC Lawson's head was about 3ft from the driver's side of the vehicle.

"I heard the engine of the car rev really loudly and I knew it was going to go," he said.

He said he had not realised the extent of PC Lawson's injuries until she failed to move.

Grabbed torso

At that point he grabbed her torso and pulled her out of the path of the vehicle.

He told the court that as it sped off, the car made no effort to avoid his colleague and without his actions it "would have run over the top of her head".

The court heard he had later identified the accused men in photographic and video identity parades as being the driver and passenger in the car.

Mr McLean and Mr Gilmour are alleged to have attempted to murder the two officers by reversing a Nissan car towards them and repeatedly hitting them with the vehicle "to the danger of their lives".

They also deny further charges including wilfully setting fire to the vehicle and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The trial, before judge Lord Summers, continues.

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