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Ice block falls from sky and crashes into garden in Busby

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Media captionLyndsey Helliwell found a huge crater in her lawn where the ice block landed

A large block of ice has fallen from the sky into a garden in East Renfrewshire.

The sheet crashed down outside Lyndsey Helliwell's home in Busby shortly before 11:00. It caused an "almighty bang" and formed a crater in the lawn.

It is not known where the ice came from, but it is thought it could have formed on the body of an aeroplane.

Mrs Helliwell told BBC Scotland she was thankful her family were not around at the time and no-one was hurt.

Image copyright Lyndsey Helliwell
Image copyright Lyndsey Helliwell

She said: "I came back at about 11 o'clock to find this huge crater in my garden.

"My friend had called me. She works for my husband, from the house. She said she heard an almighty bang and felt the house shake and looked out the window and saw white fragments spread across the garden.

"When I came back we realised it was ice."

Mrs Helliwell lives at the house with her husband, and two daughters aged nine and 13.

Incidents involving chunks of ice falling from the sky are usually associated with water leaking from aircraft which then freezes due to the sub-zero temperatures at high altitudes.

The ice then breaks off the plane, gaining speed as it falls to the ground. However, these cases are extremely rare.

Mrs Helliwell added: "I've no idea where it has come from.

"It's made a huge dent in the garden, but it could have hit the house or the cars, or more importantly it could have hit one of the kids, or the dog.

"Thankfully no-one was hurt."

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