Inaya Ahmed murder trial is told toddler died of a brain injury


A toddler who was allegedly murdered by her mother died of a brain injury, a court has heard.

Paediatric pathologist Dawn Penman carried out a post-mortem examination on 14-month-old Inaya Ahmed.

She told the High Court in Glasgow she was unable to determine the most likely scenario that led to the injury.

Dr Penman was giving evidence at the trial of Sadia Ahmed, 28, who denies murdering Inaya in Drumchapel, Glasgow, on 17 April last year.

She said the brain injury was "in keeping with the scenario of prolonged cardiac arrest".

But she could not say whether the injury was the result of an intentional act, accidental or through natural diseases.

Dr Penman said she was given scenarios to consider including choking and suffocation having been told that Inaya choked on a piece of bread.

She said: "What we are saying, that the pathological findings don't allow us to determine which of these scenarios is what's happened, if indeed it was either of these two scenarios.

"There are other possibilities as well."

'Throat blockage'

Defence counsel Ian Duguid QC asked Dr Penman about the average size of the trachea - part of the windpipe - in a child of Inayah's age.

The witness confirmed the dimension that he suggested, about a fifth of an inch.

He put to her that a blockage could be caused by something "as small as" that.

Dr Penman replied that it potentially could.

He said: "Presumably something that size, if it occludes the airway, could be coughed up after the point the child has become unconscious, and you're relying on someone being able to spot an item as small as that."

She replied: "Yes, I don't think we have excluded that, we certainly can't based on pathology.

"We wouldn't expect a child to be coughing once unconscious but certainly there is a potential to dislodge the material."

Dr Penman confirmed there was no indication that the child was shaken.

Jurors also heard that there were no "bony injuries" and no injuries in Inaya's mouth.

Mrs Ahmed denies murder and the trial continues.

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