Inaya Ahmed murder trial: Accused mother's tears in the dock

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image captionSadia Ahmed claims her husband's family conspired against her

A mother sobbed in the dock and shook her head as a prosecutor urged a jury to convict her of murdering her 14-month-old daughter.

Sadia Ahmed denies murdering Inaya Ahmed at their family home in Drumchapel, Glasgow.

It is alleged that she suffocated the child with a pillow on 17 April 2016.

In his closing speech, prosecutor Paul Kearney said: "That morning Inaya, a beautiful baby, stopped breathing and never breathed again on her own."

The jurors at the High Court in Glasgow have heard that, following a 999 call, Inaya was rushed to the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow. She died there three days later after her life support machine was switched off.

Mr Kearney added: "The effect of a lack of blood and oxygen to her brain caused irreversible brain damage which led to her death."

'Solely responsible'

The prosecutor told the jurors that they had to decide if Inaya's mother killed her or if the toddler choked to death on a piece of toast.

He said "The question for you is why or what stopped Inaya's breathing and stopped her heart and killed her.

"It is clear her mother Sadia is solely responsible for this. The Crown contends that she calmly snuffed out the life of her child.

"The Crown contends that she suffocated Inaya. It was a murderous death rather than an accidental one."

Mr Kearney told the jurors it was a circumstantial case, but said if they examine the facts, "it becomes clear that Inaya did not choke on bread, but was suffocated and killed at the hands of her mother".

image captionInaya died after three days on a life support machine

He said an experienced police officer had searched the house and no trace of toasted bread was found.

Mr Kearney also pointed to the fact that medical staff who tended to Inaya found no sign of any obstruction in her throat.

The jury had heard from members of the Ahmed family - including the murder accused's husband Suleman - who claim she confessed to them that she had killed Inaya.


The prosecutor said: "We struggle to understand what would make a person do something like this.

"The accused suffered from low moods and bouts of anger. There is evidence that she did not want a girl and was upset when she found out her sister-in-law was going to have a boy.

"Her husband Suleman said in evidence that she told him Inaya had become a burden."

Mr Kearney said that Mrs Ahmed's allegation that the whole family were lying in an elaborate cover-up to falsely frame her for murder was not true.

He asked why the family would falsely accuse Mrs Ahmed of murdering her, daughter and said it would be "a most wicked conspiracy."

Mr Kearney added: "Why would the family dishonour and sully the memory of their beloved daughter, granddaughter and niece by branding her falsely a murder victim."

'Nothing to prove'

In his closing speech, defence QC Iain Duguid urged the jury to acquit Sadia Ahmed based on the evidence they have heard.

Mr Duguid said: "The prosecutor is saying that Sadia Ahmed is lying, but it is the other members of her family who are lying.

"You can only convict her if you have credible and reliable evidence. She has nothing to prove.

"Please don't think this comes down to, was Inaya suffocated or did she choke.

"The issue is, have the prosecution proved that she suffocated."

Mr Duguid said that cases of children choking to death were extremely rare but do happen.

He asked why Mrs Ahmed, who had been at a family party with her daughter the previous evening, should decide to kill the child.

Mr Duguid said: "There is no explanation why she would do what the prosecution say she did."

The trial before judge Lord Matthews continues.

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