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Rehabilitation worker caught with sub-machine gun

A man who tried to steer offenders away from crime has been jailed for six years after being caught with a sub-machine gun.

Steven Wilkinson, 43, was arrested in August after police searched a car in Glasgow's Springburn.

Officers found a Skorpion gun, ammunition and a silencer in the Seat Leon.

The court heard Wilkinson was involved in a rehabilitation organisation for offenders as recently as 2015.

But in an ironic twist he has now admitted a string of firearms charges.

His advocate Tony Lenehan told the High Court in Glasgow: "He was engaged in the running of a men's group providing a positive influence outlining the mistakes he had made in his life."

Judge Lady Rae remarked: "Rather odd... here we are facing very serious charges in the High Court.

"What kind of influence is that to the people he was trying to assist?"


She went on to jail Wilkinson, of Scotstoun, Glasgow, for six years.

The judge told him: "The weapon had the capability of repeatedly firing with one pressure of the trigger.

"Such a weapon in this day and age is only suitable for one purpose and one purpose only - to kill a human being.

"There is no evidence you were to carry out any assassination.

"It has been submitted that you were simply taking the item from one place to another.

"But, you knew fine well what you were carrying."

Wilkinson gave a thumbs up to supporters in the public gallery as he was led to the cells.

The court earlier heard how police received a tip-off about the Seat car and it was traced to the city's Springburn.

It was there officers spoke to Wilkinson who appeared "agitated".

Asked was there anything on him or in the vehicle that could injure, he replied: "There's a gun in the front passenger seat."

A bag was found which contained the Czech-made weapon, ammunition and the silencer.

The court was told Wilkinson was caught having earlier been asked to move the items to a different address.

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