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Barber fined for Glasgow Airport 'terrorist' quip

Glasgow Airport terminal
Image caption Scara was held at the gate while police were called

A barber who was boarding a flight to testify in a court case and hauled aside after saying "I'm a terrorist" has been fined £1,000.

Federico Scara, 30, was about to step on a plane to Amsterdam when he made the comment to Glasgow Airport worker Kirstie McLean.

Ms McLean passed on her concerns and the captain stopped him from getting on the flight.

Scara immediately apologised to police officers when they arrived at the gate.

Last month he admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner likely to cause a reasonable person to suffer fear or alarm.

Scara, originally from Turin, Italy, but now living in Queen's Park, Glasgow, was on the first leg of his journey home on 24 October last year.

He was due to testify in a court case where he was the victim of an assault.

'So stupid'

At about 05:50 passengers were called forward at Gate 33.

Scara handed Miss McLean his boarding pass and passport and she noticed his surname.

Unexpectedly he said "I'm a terrorist" before walking on to the air bridge to board the plane.

Miss McLean contacted the aircraft dispatcher and the captain stopped Scara boarding.

When police arrived, he admitted: "I said I was a terrorist. I am really sorry, it was so stupid."

After checks were made, Scara was cautioned and charged and told a report would be made to the procurator fiscal.

Defence lawyer Paul Mullen told Glasgow Sheriff Court his client apologised immediately and was contrite about the incident.

Sheriff David Pender fined Scara £1,000.

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