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Killer knifed man in street after he made 'rape threats'

Bryan McNulty Image copyright Iain McLellan/Spindrift Photo Agency
Image caption Bryan McNulty was attacked outside a chip shop

A convicted killer knifed a man who allegedly threatened to rape his pregnant girlfriend.

Bryan Mowat, 33, and Anthony Stone, 26, pounced on Bryan McNulty outside a chip shop in Glasgow's Gorbals.

The friends both admitted striking McNulty, 33, with a Stanley Knife to his severe injury and permanent disfigurement last November.

It was claimed the attack occurred after the victim made a string of threats to Mowat's girlfriend.

After the chip shop attack, McNulty was later said to have told the woman that her and Mowat were getting "murdered".

Murder bid

Mowat was previously locked up for six years in 2005 for culpable homicide.

He stabbed a man to death following a confrontation in the city's Toryglen.

Mowat and Stone were remanded in custody pending sentencing later this month.

McNulty gave evidence at the High Court last month in a separate case amid claims a driver tried to kill him in Glasgow city centre.

Jordan Devine was later cleared following a trial.

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