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Greenock Morton footballer turns hero after Magaluf fire

image copyrightMichael Doyle
image captionMichael, in the blue shirt, braves the flames to enter the burning apartment

A footballer turned hero to rescue holidaymakers from a burning apartment in Majorca.

Greenock Morton player Mikey Doyle saw the blaze erupt in a room near his and rushed to help those inside.

He fought back flames before pulling two people to safety. The Scottish Championship defender was later treated for the effects of smoke.

The 26-year-old, from Glasgow, insisted "it was no big deal" and anyone would have done the same.

The defender was holidaying with friend Anthony Harvey at BH apartments in the holiday resort of Magaluf.

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A nearby room caught fire, with flames and smoke billowing out into the holiday resort.

Mikey told the BBC Scotland News website: "We were sitting on our balcony having a drink and we heard girls screaming that there was a fire.

"We could see that a fire had started opposite our block. The fire was in the bedroom and it looked like the boys in the living room hadn't even noticed.

"So we just got up and ran."

image copyrightMichael Doyle
image captionMikey was covered in soot

Mikey got to the room and burst through the door to find the young men inside trying to put out the fire with a bottle of water.

He said: " I got there first and I just thought I had to get these boys out.

"I dragged one of them out and Anthony dragged someone else out. One of the boys was crying about his suitcase and his passport. So I went back in."

Mikey's friend Anthony also went back in to find him and when he emerged into the corridor, he collapsed after breathing in smoke.

The Morton player then ended up dragging his friend out of danger too.

The two Scots are adamant they only did what anyone else would do.

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image captionMikey Doyle as he is normally seen on the pitch for Greenock Morton

Mikey said: "The real heroes are the people from the hotel and the firemen. As long as everybody was out and no one was hurt.

"We just ran in to get the people out. It's not that big a deal."

The incident happened on Sunday.

Spanish media has reported four British people - two men and two women - were arrested and appeared in court on Wednesday.

Statements taken from police authorities suggested the fire started as the consequence of a prank involving an aerosol spray and a lighter.

It is believed the mattress of a bed caught fire and the blaze spread, causing the apartment building to be evacuated.

iLocal media reports suggest up to 200,000 euros' worth of damage was done to the building.

After the situation was under control, Mikey posted a picture of himself covered in black soot saying: "Pre season will be easy after this."

image copyrightMichael Doyle

Mikey's friend Anthony credits his childhood friend with saving him too.

In fact, he was so grateful he dedicated his first tattoo to him, going under the needle the day after the drama unfolded.

The script reads: "Not all heroes wear capes".

He said: "I got it to say thank you to him."