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'Everyone say hello to Tony': Killers TRNSMT drummer revealed

Tony and his sign
Image caption Glasgow chancer: Tony gets his sign out and tried to get the band's attention

The student who blew the Killers away in Glasgow has revealed he practised for weeks to be good enough.

"Tony" - who is actually French Canadian student Antoine Demeule - has told the BBC he felt like the experience on Sunday was "a dream".

Tony was plucked from the crowd by Killers frontman Brandon Flowers to the delight of the TRNSMT crowd after making a sign asking: "Can I drum?"

He then performed a beat-perfect rendition of 'For Reasons Unknown'.

Tony - a film student - has been a fan of the Killers for eight years.

He has been to the UK to watch them several times and it was here he got the idea to try his luck to play with them.

He told BBC Scotland's Kaye Adams Programme: "I saw them in London, and they picked a fan to drum and it became kind of a tradition.

"Then in Toronto, they picked someone and again in Dublin a couple of weeks ago."

Image caption Cool as a cucumber: Tony settled in on stage

He said his mission to meet the band as they headlined the final night of the city festival was carefully planned.

He had noticed the drummer had changed the arrangement of the song 'For Reasons Unknown'.

Tony explained: "Back in November when they started the tour I saw videos of them playing the song differently.

"I drum as a serious hobby so I practised it.

"I was in Glasgow the day before the show and I went to an art shop and asked for a large piece of paper and the night before I was sitting on the floor of the hostel making the signs.

"I asked a few friends to help me put the signs up. Then I waited there at the front and centre since 10:00 so Brandon could see the sign directly. So I really took all the chances but I am really lucky because they took the chance with me."

'Pleasing heroes'

Before he knew it, he had been whisked onto the stage, regular drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. was ejected from his seat and the 45,000-strong crowd at Glasgow Green was introduced to "Tony".

The budding musician said the nerves disappeared immediately: "I was just really focussed on playing the song well and keeping the rhythm on track.

"Ronnie said I did a great job. But it was their faces that spoke to me. Brandon and Ronnie looked at me. I was looking at the touring musicians on either side and they were all smiling. The Bassist and Brandon were smiling when I did the little drum solo at the end.

"To please your heroes like that, it's the best."

Image caption Made it: Tony takes a selfie
Image copyright Antoine Demeule
Image caption ...and here it is: Antoine with Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vannucci Jr.

After hearing 45,000 people chant his name, Tony was left to digest what had happened: "Playing with them it didn't feel like I was really there. I never thought it would happen some day but it did. I am still in the process of figuring it out.

"The reaction of the media and attention of social media has been just as surreal as the drumming experience itself.

"My father didn't believe me at first. I had to send him pictures. I never expected it.

"I appreciate the love and I am giving it back to everyone."

Tony is not sure if a career on the road awaits. He is finishing his Masters in Quebec but he will make an exception if the band want him back: "Maybe they can call me for their next tour."

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