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Trial told victim's nose was 'hanging off' after M8 attack

Steven Daniel Image copyright Spindrift
Image caption Steven Daniel was left with multiple deep wounds as well as fractures after the attack

A member of an alleged crime family has said he had no memory of an attack that left his nose "hanging off".

Steven Daniel was struck with bladed weapons after a 100mph car chase through north Glasgow in May 2017.

He was giving evidence at the trial of six men accused of being part of the Lyons criminal gang which is said to have targeted the rival Daniel clan.

Mr Daniel, whose car was fitted with a tracking device, denied there was any "dispute" with the Lyons family.

He also told the High Court in Glasgow that his next memory after the incident was waking up in hospital where he spent weeks recovering.

Blast-type injuries

The court also heard Mr Daniel's injuries were so severe it was initially feared he had suffered "blast" or explosive-type injuries.

The former-taxi firm director was giving evidence at the trial of Brian Ferguson, 37, Andrew Gallacher, 40, Robert Pickett, 53, Andrew Sinclair, 32, John Hardie, 35, and Peter Bain, 45.

All six deny the charges.

The allegations include a string of attempted murders over a 15-month-period.

It is alleged they targeted Mr Daniel, Ryan Fitzsimmons, Thomas Bilsland, Gary Petty and Robert Daniel.

The charge spans between June 2016 and September 2017 listing locations in Glasgow, North Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire and Manchester.

Mr Daniel - who used the name Peebles in court - was attacked on 18 May, 2017.

He had spent the previous evening at a Rangers and Aberdeen match at Ibrox.

Car chase

The trial heard he joined a man called Steven Malcolm, who owned the Glasgow Private Hire taxi firm and had a hospitality box at the stadium.

Mr Daniel was heading home after dropping friends off when he spotted a Volkswagen Golf facing him in the city's Milton area.

Mr Daniel said the vehicle then "deliberately" hit the side of his Skoda.

An Audi S3 soon joined the chase as the witness "put the foot down" to get away as fast as he could.

The pursuit then continued into the nearby Possil area.

Mr Daniel told prosecutor Paul Kearney at one stage he was "doing about a 100mph".

The Audi ended up being the only vehicle pursuing Mr Daniel as he raced towards the city's M8.

Asked what his intention was, the witness said: "To drive down the wrong side of the motorway to get away."

He then recalled his car then being "smashed into".

Pool of blood

Mr Daniel added: "It was presumably the Audi...then I just passed out. I (remember) skidding towards a pole at the foot of the road."

The court was shown photos of Mr Daniel's badly-damaged car and Mr Kearney observed there appeared to be blood "pooled" below the vehicle.

Mr Daniel said he did not recall the assault.

The court heard he was "under sedation" in hospital for "weeks" and had to undergo two operations for extensive injuries to his head and face.

Jurors were told he may need further surgery and is scarred for life.

The court also heard Mr Daniel's car was found to have had a tracking device on it but he insisted he had no enemies before being attacked.

Mr Kearney put it to the witness: "The Daniel family are alleged to be a serious organised crime group."

Mr Daniel replied: "Allegedly."

He also denied there was any "dispute" with the Lyons family.

The court heard Mr Daniel knew Kevin "Gerbil" Carroll, who was murdered in Glasgow's Robroyston in 2010.

Mr Kearney said a man called Ross Monaghan was later acquitted of the killing before another man, William Paterson, was convicted at a separate trial.

Deep wounds

The prosecutor asked Mr Daniel: "Do you have ill feeling towards them?".

He replied: "No."

Dr Mark Ansell, the surgeon who treated Mr Daniel, later told the trial he believed his injuries were caused by the use of a "heavy bladed weapon".

Jurors went on to hear the extent of the facial damage.

Dr Ansell said this included "multiple" deep wounds as well as fractures.

He added: "His nose was hanging off on the left hand side near his ear."

Mr Daniel initially went through four hours of surgery before a further eight-hour operation to reconstruct his face.

Dr Ansell said the injuries were a "significant threat to his life" and Mr Daniel was expected to require further treatment.

The court also heard Mr Daniel had no defensive injuries.

The trial, before Lord Mulholland, continues.

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