Steven Spielberg movie applies to film in Glasgow

By Claire Diamond
BBC Scotland News

Steven Spielberg (left) and Sam Mendes (right)Image source, BBC/Reuters
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Steven Spielberg (left) and Sam Mendes (right) are behind the film

Plans have been submitted to film scenes for a Hollywood movie in Glasgow.

Veteran producer Steven Spielberg's film 1917 has asked to shoot in the city's A-listed Govan Graving Docks.

Planning documents show the World War One drama, directed by Sam Mendes, would construct a film set which includes a bridge over a canal.

Filmmakers said the disused Glasgow dockland was an "ideal location" for the scene.

The planning application asks for "temporary planning permission" for use of land for film-making.

The land would be used for 10 weeks - from 22 April until 28 June - to set up, film on and dismantle the set.

Filming is expected to take four days, from 11 to 14 June.

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The dry docks were originally built for the Clyde Navigation Trust between 1869 to 1898 and were in use until 1988.

Plans for the site's redevelopment were rejected last year.

BBC Scotland News understands that the council's film office has been in discussions with the production.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council confirmed that a planning application had been submitted.

Stonehenge controversy

There has been some controversy over the production's plans to film on Salisbury Plain in April.

It wants to build a mock French farmhouse and replica trenches at Shrewton, a village six miles (9km) west of Stonehenge.

Wiltshire Council has said an assessment was needed - so filmmakers can avoid any "particularly significant remains" and not cause "unnecessary damage" to the site - before filming can begin.