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Forget the plane, this snake's on a bus... in Paisley

Snake on a bus Image copyright McGill's
Image caption The snake made its way along the window ledge after making its great escape

A bus inspector in Renfrewshire turned zookeeper after discovering a fare-dodging reptile on one of his vehicles.

Mick McArthur is more used to dealing with late-night passengers, traffic issues and other emergencies.

But after customers spotted their unusual companion on the bus in Paisley on Friday evening, he calmly retrieved the bright orange snake.

The harmless corn snake has now been reunited with its owner after a phone call to lost property.

It appears to have escaped from its owner's bag during a journey on the McGills service earlier that day.

As it made its way along the window ledge, passengers raised the alarm and the driver called the problem into the control room.

Mr McArthur, an on-street inspector was not fazed by the unexpected call out to Abercorn Street.

Image copyright McGill's
Image caption Mick McArthur retrieved the snake from the bus.

Ralph Roberts, McGill's managing director, told the BBC News website: "Mick took one look at it and said he thought it was just a corn snake.

"He lifted it up and kept it safe before it could upset any of the passengers."

The harmless corn snake was then reunited with its owner.

The story has been shared on the bus company's Facebook page, attracting hundreds of comments.

Steven Oliver said: "Surely you mean Paissssssssley! Welcome aboard McGill'ssssssssss Busesssssssss."

And Lynn Todd added: "Well done Mick but there are plenty of snakes using the buses."

Scottish SPCA inspector Jan Toraman said: "We were alerted to the corn snake on the bus by the driver.

"Police Scotland dealt with the incident and when I contacted the police to make sure the snake was safe, he was already in transit on the way to the station. "

She said she understood that the snake was now back with its owner.

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