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Murder accused David Collins admits chopping up Kevin Bishop's body

Kevin Bishop Image copyright Police Scotland/Watchtower
Image caption Kevin Bishop's torso was found in a bin outside Collin's flat

A murder accused has claimed he did not mean to a kill a man whose body he then chopped up and then put in the bin.

David Collins, 46, said he only wanted to scare Kevin Bishop with a machete after Mr Bishop tried to attack him.

Mr Bishop's torso was later found wrapped in a bin outside Mr Collins' Paisley flat. His head, arms and legs were never recovered.

Mr Collins, who is on trial at the High Court in Glasgow, claims he was acting in self-defence.

He told jurors he feels "sick" at the thought of Mr Bishop's death, and that he disposed of his remains.

He said he was awoken by Mr Bishop, 32, shouting at him in his flat last July.

Mr Bishop was clutching a lock-back knife and was threatening to take his eye out with it, he told the court.

Mr Collins went on: "I pulled out a machete from under my pillow. I swung it towards Kevin.

"It was to scare him... to get him away from me."

He said the weapon struck Mr Bishop in the neck.


He claimed he went to get a towel to stem the bleeding, but that Mr Bishop was dead by the time he returned.

His QC John Scullion asked: "Did you dismember Kevin Bishop's body?'

Mr Collins admitted: "Yes - in the bathroom."

Mr Scullion asked: "What did you do with the body parts?"

He replied: "Put them out in the bin."

Mr Scullion also asked him how he now felt about what happened.

Mr Collins said: "Sick - I cannot get it out of my head."

He said on closing his eyes he sees "waterfalls" involving "body parts".

Mr Collins later told prosecutor Gillian Ross it had taken about an hour to dismember the body.

She put to him: "There was nothing to stop you phoning the police to say you had been the victim of an attack and that you had no option, but to kill."

He replied: "I did not think they would believe me."

The trial, before Lady Rae, continues.

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