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Man jailed for 13 years for rape and attempted murder

Macdonald Inchrya Hotel and Spa in Falkirk Image copyright Google
Image caption The woman was attacked at the Macdonald Inchrya Hotel and Spa in Falkirk

A man who raped and tried to kill a woman he was in a casual relationship with has been jailed for 13 years.

Ian Lightbody and the woman had gone for a spa break at the Macdonald Inchrya Hotel and Spa in Falkirk in April last year.

The 39-year-old flew into a rage after learning the woman had been on holiday to Thailand with a former partner.

Lightbody left the woman blood-soaked after attacking her with a glass bottle before going on to rape her.

He was convicted of rape following a trial at the High Court in Glasgow. He had earlier pled guilty to an attempted murder charge.

He already has five convictions for domestic crimes.

Scarred for life

The court heard the woman was blinded in one eye and left scarred for life - and that the attack has had a "devastating effect" on her.

Lord Armstrong told Lightbody, from Largs in Ayrshire: "Immediately after your murderous attack, you raped her while she lay on the bed badly cut and bleeding heavily.

"But, for the speedy care she received, it is likely she would have died."

The couple had met through a mutual friend in 2016.

They often went to hotels including the Sheraton in Edinburgh and Glasgow's Number 10.

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Image caption Lightbody was sentenced to 13 years at the High Court in Glasgow

Lightbody went on to book them a stay at the Macdonald Inchrya Hotel and Spa last April.

He claimed the relationship was "casual" at that time and was a "secret".

But, he told his QC John Scullion: "I cared about her... loved her probably. I thought she felt the same."

The atmosphere in their hotel room changed following revelations about the woman and an ex-boyfriend.

Lightbody recalled: "It was that she had been on holiday with him and that she had been seeing him the whole time I had been seeing her."

He thought she had "gone to Amsterdam with family for 10 days" some months earlier.

The court heard the woman had instead gone to Thailand.

'Lost it'

Mr Scullion asked Lightbody: "How did you feel?"

He replied: "Angry."

After the attack, Lightbody went on to text a friend stating: "She has admitted all sorts. Lost it."

Hotel staff were alerted to what happened and soon found the bleeding victim.

One worker who came to her aid recalled: "I got a towel as her face was cut.

"There were open wounds on her face and neck.

"The room was covered in blood. I tried to keep her calm. I kept reassuring her that she would be okay."

Lightbody admitted in court he felt "betrayal" that the woman had gone away with an ex, however he denied raping her.

Prosecutor Jo McDonald put to him: "She has no reason to lie."

Lightbody: "Neither do I."

The court was told he continues to protest his innocence in relation to the rape conviction.

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