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Two killers have Springburn murder bid convictions quashed

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Two teenagers convicted of murder after stamping on their victim's head 20 times have had related convictions quashed.

Daniel Kinlan and Darren Boland, both 19, viciously attacked Ajani Tella, 60, in Glasgow in August 2015.

The pair were initially detained for the attempted murder of Mr Tella but were jailed for murder last year after he died as a result of his injuries.

At the High Court in Glasgow, the murder bid convictions were quashed.

Lady Stacey, the judge who sentenced the pair, was told the charges from each case were separate, but stemmed from the same incident.

'Present a difficulty'

Boland's QC Donald Findlay said that having two high court convictions "might well present a difficulty some way down the road".

Kinlan and Boland left Mr Tella brain damaged after attacking him in Springburn, Glasgow, in August 2015 as he returned home from church.

In October 2018, they were jailed for life but earlier this month had their minimum jail-terms reduced.

Appeal judges reduced Kinlan's sentence of 10 years and nine months by two years.

Boland had the same amount of time cut from his original term of nine years and 11 months.

At Monday's hearing, Lady Stacey quashed the attempted murder convictions.

She pointed out that any list of previous convictions for an accused person does not give exact "details" of what the crime involved.

Drink and drugs

She added: "So, it is not apparent in the face of a schedule that the two convictions both related to the attack on Mr Tella.

"I am prepared to regard that as potentially providing difficulty to those who are not fully informed about this case."

She said this included any "members of the public" who may have future dealings with the pair or a prosecutor should they re-offend.

Kinlan and Boland were aged 15 and 16 when they attacked Mr Tella as he returned home from a night-time prayer vigil at his church.

Kinlan had taken a potent cocktail of cider and drugs and Boland had drunk a large amount of vodka.

The pair turned on their victim after trying to grab his hat.

They were later caught after traces of Mr Tella's blood were found on Kinlan's Nike trainers and the footage helped identify the North Face jacket Boland was wearing.

The court heard Mr Tella died in a nursing home after catching pneumonia.

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