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Killer offered to join search for victim

Stephen Anderson Image copyright Police Scotland
Image caption Stephen Anderson was beaten and stabbed in October 2018

A man offered to help look for a woman's missing husband just hours after he helped to kill him.

Stephen Mack, 53, and nephew Jackson Mack, 21, brutally attacked Stephen Anderson last October.

The pair initially faced a murder allegation but had their guilty plea to the reduced charge of culpable homicide accepted.

The High Court in Glasgow heard Mr Anderson, 51, was battered, bound and struck with a machete following a row.

His body was then hidden under a mattress at Stephen Mack's home in Gartcosh, North Lanarkshire.

The victim's family later became concerned about his disappearance.

His wife, Karen Anderson, contacted Stephen Mack - described as a "friend" of her husband.

Despite what happened, prosecutor Kath Harper told the court: "He said he had not seen him and asked her if she wanted him to help look for him."

Police later discovered Mr Anderson's body and arrested the Macks.

Machete attack

The court heard Jackson Mack had been freed early from jail just 17 days before the fatal attack.

The duo were remanded in custody pending sentencing next month.

The hearing was told the victim drove his Mercedes to visit Stephen Mack on 29 October last year.

Miss Harper said he was last seen at 21:49.

The exact circumstances of the killing remain unclear.

Miss Harper said the Crown could not "confirm or dispute" the Macks account of what happened.

They insist an argument and a struggle erupted before Jackson Mack punched Mr Anderson then struck him on the legs with a "bladed weapon".

The pair were then said to have been "on top" of the victim.

The charge lists a number of accusations including Mr Anderson having his ankles tied, his mouth covered with tape and being hit with a machete.

'Ruined my life'

Miss Harper told the court: "After a short period of became apparent Stephen Anderson was dead."

His body was put under a mattress in a bedroom and covered with "other household items".

In the meantime, Stephen Mack drove the victim's car away from the scene.

The court heard that Jackson Mack was heard at one point shouting at his uncle that he had "ruined my life."

By 02:00 the following day the victim's wife and his son, Steven, were worried he had not returned home.

They tried searching the area, but could not find him.

It was at about noon on 30 October that Karen Anderson desperately contacted Stephen Mack.

As well as offering to join the search, the killer claimed he "did not know" where the victim was.

'Turned blue'

Jackson Mack meantime went on to admit to two people that his uncle had tied Mr Anderson to a chair before he had a heart attack and "turned blue".

He claimed: "It was not meant to go that far."

Police were eventually alerted to a body at Stephen Mack's home.

The officers forced entry and discovered it in a spare bedroom.

The court heard cable ties, piece of rope and tape were found nearby.

The Macks, who had a history of violence, were later arrested, but made no comment.

Forensic evidence, including their DNA being found on Mr Anderson's body, linked them to the killing.

The court heard that the victim suffered "blunt force" injuries as well as cuts and slashes to his left leg.

There was also evidence of "asphyxia" and compression of the chest.

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